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Silk Screen/Crystal Silk Screen Custom Design Photo Top
Crystal/Jewel  Monogram Solids    Holiday   
Strappies Clogs  Collegiate Signature Series
Duets USPS American Illustrator Espadrille/Bowtie      
Embellishment Belt Top   Jr. Princess  Elvis
Betty    Armed Forces Sling Back  T-Straps
Cosmos Wrap Straps Lexees Tops Limited Edition

Stitch or Crystal
1 to 3 letters





Top - Choose from Colors or Custom Design page

1. Initial (s)
2. Stitch or Crystal
3. Stitch or Crystal color
 Monogrammed Crystal or Stitch Initials! Please state your initial (s),   Stitch or Crystal, and Stitch or Crystal color in the same box separated by a comma. Note with or without scroll. Note: Up to three (3) initials per top.

Important! Please state your  top size in the "Optional Instruction" section when checking out.

Character Tops $29.99
Stitch or Crystal

CUSTOMIZE your own tops or choose from below! To customize, choose your color from the "Solid/Color" page and include up to 13 Characters including spaces in the Monogram text box below.

Choose from the font styles listed below: Curly or Block, for your stitch monogram top.

Top & Stitch color
Characters - Up to 13

For bride to change into and be comfortable at reception.$29.99

Top Size
Stitch or Crystals     Important! Please state your  top size in the "Message to Seller" section when checking out.
Ho Ho Ho $29.99
Top Size

Palms on Pink $29.99
Top Size

Bride $29.99
Top Size

Party Girl $29.99
Top Size

Carolina Girl $29.99
Top Size

Red Hat -Red $29.99
Top Size

VT $29.99
Top Size

Italian Princess $29.99
Top Size

Monogrammed Clog Tops $29.99
Stitch or Crystal 1 to 3 Letters
W or W/Out Scroll





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Top Clog Tops

Letters & Stitch Color

 Example: Zebra Clog first box second box type Letters "cBe" Red Stitch or Clear Crystal.



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