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 Soft Step Collection    
Travel Kit                            Elegance Soft Step           Leisure Soft Step
Casual Soft Step                 Traveler/Clog soft Step     Kitten
Corky Leisure Soft Step      Chic Soft Step
                  Diva Soft Step                                Jet Setter Soft Step                    Children

                                                              Soft Step Collection

Our Soles in the soft step collection all contain a foot conforming foot bed that gives the wearer a cushiony and comfortable feeling.  We have been told that it actually feels like you are walking on clouds!  Many of our customers tell us they wear them for long periods of time and love them!

The Elegance Soft Step is the first of our Soft Step Collection.  The soft step insole, which is our foot conforming design, cushions the foot and keeps your foot in place. This is a pretty 2 1/4" tall wedge shaped heel sole.  It is sleek with smooth shiny sides. The toe shape has attitude and is ready for any of your favorite tops! The perfect sole for cocktails and dinner with friends! This style is the “pretty one” among all!

The Leisure came to us due to a huge demand for a sole offering a dressy look with a lower heel.  At about 1 ½” tall, with a slight wedge shape, and patterned sides, and available in two colors, this sole gives you a nice upscale look that can be dressed up or worn casual.  This style is our
“R and R” sole among all!

The new Q.C. Traveler/Clog is the most versatile sole! It is a chunky heel rather than a wedge, comes in three colors and is 3” tall.  Besides having the normal options of three tops, this sole can be converted into a clog with the same amount of snaps!!!  Genius - no - just smart! This sole is not the most wanted - it is the "must have" sole!   

The Casual is a corky looking sole. Very similar in shape and height to the Elegance, and is a summer classic. About 2 1/2" tall in a wedge shaped heel. This style is a "most wanted" among all!


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Disclaimer: Because of the nature of the soft- step insole in your Onesole shoe, there may appear to be some wearing or cracking of the EVA insole material after long periods of extensive wear of the shoe. It does not compromise the comfort or the function of the shoe.

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