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Eden Riegel from All My Children writes - "I love Dominique's shoe idea.  She is going to do well with this great concept."










Kellie Pickler, as seen on "American Idol" said she really loves her Onesole's".






Laura from Prattville, Alabama writes -  I can't remember being this excited about a pair of shoes! My boss in Montgomery, Alabama has been wearing hers and I've been admiring them...I am thrilled with how quickly they arrived, how perfect they fit, how comfortable they are, how great they make my feet look.  The awesome quality, the diversity of styles...... I want to buy more, more, more and I'm not even a shoe fanatic!   I can't wait until tomorrow to wear MY Onesoles to work!  Thank you for a great product!!!





Clarence Clemons, The Big Man-Sax Player for Bruce Springstein Band with Dominique Barteet in Palm Beach, Florida He was so pleased with the idea of the shoe he bought a dozen pair as Christmas presents for his friends and family! 
Clarence Clemons was one of the first people to support Onesole Shoes with his big order!! Thanks C
Sandy Foster I have worn high heels most of my life and after a back injury, I thought those days were gone. Then I discovered Onesole and found the most comfortable shoes that really look great!  I do a lot of travelling and not matter where, everyone asks about my shoes.  The funniest story was at the airport in Honolulu where they had trouble figuring out why the shoes were setting off the scanner.  They did not return my shoes until I removed the top to show them where the metal was located.  I have most of the soles including the Diva which is for the fancy nights out but the Chic is my favorite!  I have 65 tops and plan on many more. Thanks again for a great product and fulfilling my dream of comfortable high heels!! I got 70 pair from Daddy's girl in Canada.
Beri W. Hartwell from Houston Texas writes - I have three pairs of Onesoles (black, brown and cork) and dozens of tops. I have worn these shoes to work and to seminars (business wear), weekends (jeans), on cruises (excursions and even to formal dining) and pretty much everywhere else in between. Between the three soles and myriad of tops I own, I can color coordinate to any outfit, make my feet the "stand-out" feature of my outfit, and I can celebrate every holiday of the year in style.


Jan Shapiro from Midland, Georgia writes - You have just made my life so WONDERFUL!I am an international Flight Attendant and trying to pack "light" is such a chore. Gotta have all those "just in case" items. Shoes are usually so bulky and heavy, but I always want more than 1 pair! Now I can have 10 different styles in just 1 SHOE!!!!! I can't wait to go back to work and show off my shoes-I'm on vacation right now. I may just fly somewhere just to advertise your shoes!!!! Thank you so much for coming up with such a superior idea! AND BEST OF ALL MADE IN THE USA!!!! I must have died and gone to heaven! God Bless you!

Heather Clarke from Katanning Australia writes -Note to say how wonderful and comfortable your shoes are. i am diabetic and have circulation problems and can wear them all day, my aim is to have the full range one day-thank you so much for this wonderful range and choice



Theresa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  writes - Thanks - I LOVE collecting your tops for my shoes!!


Stacy writes - I received the shoe tops and was glad to get them. I really LOVE the pictured ones!  I think they turned out great!  Thanks so much!

April Roberts, 2nd Grade Teacher Bethel Elementary writes - I LOVE MY ONESOLES!!!  I bought a pair about 2 years ago and now I wear them ALL OF THE TIME!  I am an elementary school teacher and have chronic knee problems.  These are the only shoes, other than tennis shoes, that I can teach in all day without pain!  Thanks for the great shoes!!!  By the way, there are about 5 teachers in my school that can't live without their Onesoles!  We love trying to see who can get the newest top first!!!


Denise Bryan writes -  Feet Having Fun!  Here's our Onesoles after seeing Tom Jones in Reno last month. Thought you'd might get a kick out of this photo.
Deb McKinley writes Your shoes really are wonderful! I took a pair(x 3) last week to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico,  and as you can imagine by the attached photo, they really do make a pair of feet look terrific and besides that, they co-ordinate with all sorts of stuff. Many Thanks
Deb McKinley
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
Nandine Battiato writes - I am highly addicted to your shoes and tops.  I have been buying them off your website, at Plum Bottom and the Susquehanna Harley Davidson Store in Harrisburg, PA.  I have two Onesoles and about 25 tops so far and still adding to my collection. I am constantly getting stopped by women asking me about my shoes. I am a walking billboard for your shoes. I tell them all about your different Onesoles and tops. I was recently in Columbus, Georgia and I met another woman that is addicted to your shoes. You've got yourself quite an invention.  Keep creating new tops. I look everyday to see if there are any new ones..  Thanks, Nandine Battiato 

Kimberly Mitchell writes  - I received my shoes lightning fast! Thank you thank you! I am wearing them right now and I love them. The hardest part was deciding which top to wear. After I finish thanking you for fabulous service, I will log back on to your site to shop for more tops. Also the Elegance Soft Step is the perfect height and comfort for all day wear. I leave for Italy in a week and cannot wait to show off my fun and efficient purchase to my traveling girlfriends who constantly accuse me of packing too many shoes.

Kathryn writes - Thanks so much.  I LOVE the Onesoles  I bought last year, and just wanted the lower ones to wear to Italy! I hope my new toppers are a hit in Firenza and is a great idea! Do you make purses too?





Michele writes - I LOVE the shoes.  The huge increase in gas prices has cut into my shoe budget, but the ability to change the tops has helped me feed my habit. I got a pair of the shoes just before I went to LA for a week. I originally had 9 pairs of shoes ready to pack. When I got the shoes, it dropped to 3 pairs and 4 tops. These shoes included my tennis shoes and some super casual shoes. I wore the shoes all over Las Vegas in July and wear them to work constantly. I have 10 tops right now, but have my eye on several of the strappies and now the leather.   Little Imelda, as my friends call me, is able to match almost anything now.  Have a great day!

Andrea from Art Glass Alcove, Saugatuck, MI writes - I just had to share w/you our exciting introduction to the Onesole world.  Within 4 hours we sold half of our order and had a few special orders as well!!! Your product created a frenzy in our store like I have never witnessed before! And I'm, in Michigan and it's Sept!!! So needless to say I will be placing another order today!! We are already planning to place a Onesole boutique within our store complete w/special seating, lighting, etc. The possibilities ARE endless!!! 
This is a picture from one of our loyal followers that said she had 250 Onesole tops!!

We have lost her name-if you are her or know her give us a call or if you have more tops than her call us too!!


Barbara Parks from IBM Corp. writes- I have never been so excited about a pair of shoes in my life! I was in a car accident 20 years ago and broke my ankle in 3 places and have lived in constant pain. I do not have any pain with your shoes. I went on vacation with my 90 year old mother, last week, and we went all over Richmond, VA., and I was so comfortable in my Onesoles'. Took 2 pairs of shoes (Onesoles, a low pair and a high pair) and 6 different tops and got compliments on my shoes everywhere I went. I wear them everyday, my business partner and my husband, both, kid me about what top I will wear with what outfit! It is fun! Thank you so much for a product of such good quality.


Sara Rogers writes - Hi, my tops came in today. I love my Clog Tops, my other tops, and hanger too. Did not know how you would achieve the clog top fastening on the sole, but it turned out much better than I imagined. I'm off to Monograms and More to get them monogrammed! I must admit...I am addicted! One pair of soles, three hangers full of tops with a couple of pair left over??!! Never had so much fun with the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! Now I'm set for the Fall. I had someone at Church ask me, "Ok, just how many pair of shoes like that do you have?" Heh Heh! She was surprised to find it was the same pair with different tops. I have the Classic and am working up to get a pair of the Leisure in brown. Keep up the great work. Bless you!


Jane H. Dean, RN writes - I love my shoes and cannot do without them. I travel a lot and they are the only shoes I take with me. I do not even take tennis shoes anymore!!!!


Sara Rogers writes - I love the dressy look without such a high heel.  I am enjoying both my Classic and Leisure Onesole's and all my tops.  The one who dies with the most Onesole tops wins!! Ha Ha!
Monica Delarosa from Houston, Texas writes - "This is my 3rd purchase in three weeks, I love, love, love this product!!!"
Karuna Murray, a Surgeon writes, "I wear these in the Operating Room all the time and they are so comfortable to wear.  I love the shoes!!!!!  
Carol & Gina from Rhode Island writes, "Thank you for the recent shipment of the shoes and tops.  I have to tell you that they are selling like hotcakes!!!  We are actually featuring Onesole in a special section of the Rhode Island Monthly next month call "What's Hot". I am sure we will be reordering soon".
Sue Hodoval writes - I just received a pair of QC Classic Black shoes from our company. I think they will be a lifesaver for me. With several graduation parties this year, I yet to find a pair of shoes (other than gym shoes or flip flops), that are comfortable for me and that can be worn with a skirt or dress. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my meet and most shoes are very painful for me to even put on. These with the stretchy tops and foam bottoms are a godsend. The stylish and interchangeable tops are icing on the cake!  

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Wow! One customer sent in a photo of her over 250 tops she owned of Onesoles' interchangeable tops. She says she has all the soles, also. What a big fan!!!

Krystyne Vermeer

Rockford, IL


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